Case Studies

Case Study #1: A Manchester SME

Current Situation

Employing over 200 staff, split across several departments. The firm was producing in excess of 1.5 million mono prints per annum, at a cost of approximately of £15,000. A total of 20 printers, located in various areas, from different manufactures, requiring different consumables were utilised.
In addition to toner costs, routine maintenance was charged at £1,200 per year.

A statement run of 1,700 sheets produced overnight was disrupted due to machine failure or paper mis-feed and regularly had to be reproduced causing workflow disruption and increased workload for the IT department.

The requirement

The firm was relocating to purpose built offices, due to an anticipated increase in staff to approximately 500. The offices will have two designated print areas strategically located.
The firm required a facility capable of producing both colour and mono copies/prints along with network scanning. The equipment supplied had to provide a sufficient a level of redundancy to facilitate a slight increase in throughput.

The solution

Multi-Functional Sharp systems with a combined output of 135 pages per minute were supplied and located in the two print centres. In addition to the hardware, Callisto managed print was supplied to enable print re-direction should any machine become redundant. This was particularly beneficial in ensuring the smooth production of the statement run.

The client will make a projected saving in excess of £9,000.00 against current running costs.

Case Study #2: Trafford NHS CCG

Current Situation

NHS Trafford CCG is responsible for commissioning services across 35 GP surgeries within the Trafford area.

An office move identified that in excess of 30 desk top printers were being utilised across several manufactures, resulting in expensive cartridges being purchased to keep them running. Furthermore, some of the existing fleet were becoming problematic due to age and overheating resulting in disruption to document production.

The requirement

To improve operational efficiency and reduce expenditure by replacing desktop printers with more versatile and cost effective multifunctional systems.

The solution

Leemic, provided consultative advice to the NHS Trafford CCG in advance of its office move. Having audited the CCG’s existing print infrastructure and understood its organisational requirements, Leemic developed an optimised solution for that significantly improved operational efficiency, simplified administration and reduced expenditure.

The solution is based upon the secure-release of print in a shared multifunctional print environment. Rather than print to a local printer. Utilising Papercut NHS Trafford CCG’s employees print to a secure server where work is held until the originator authenticates himself / herself at one of the shared Sharp multifunctional printers (MFPs). The card based secure-release system simplifies administration and safeguards document security.

The intelligently shared print solution has cut NHS Trafford CCG’s print expenditure by 50%. The Sharp MFPs have significantly lower running costs than the printers that they replaced. There has also been a reduction in waste as users only release documents that are required.

To download the case study please select Leemic CCG Case Study