NAPPS Accredited


NAPPS is the certification body for the UK document management and MPS industry. For the industry, by the industry, with a role to represent the very best practice in the sector.

Members are service leaders within local and regional markets, while partners are industry-leading corporations and highly respected decision makers.

Their Goal

To create a community of best practice suppliers who consumers can trust and have total peace of mind doing business with.


NAPPS achieve their mission by only certifying document management and MPS companies who can prove a history of outstanding customer support and service, meeting and exceeding service expectations and supplying genuine customer-based solutions.

NAPPS members are subject to on going annual best practice checks. The membership is strengthened by its commitment to the Code of Practice 2012 which ensures the ethical treatment of customers at all times.

The NAPPS community provides a pro-business environment but never at the expense of the consumer. Members, partners and affiliates are encouraged to strengthen commercial partnerships between one another, while putting customer-focus at the centre of those business links.

Ensuring that all those with a NAPPS connection are best placed to embrace commercial challenges now and in the future.

Leemic are proud to have satisfied all the accreditation criteria with the aim of consistently improving the level of service offered to our clients.

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