Document Solutions

  • Controls back-end systems right from MFP control panel
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks and streamlines workflows
  • Seamless integration between MFP and network applications

Embedded architecture extends the functionality of your MFPs by letting you integrate them not just with your network but with your core business applications, too.  Thanks to Sharp OSA and Samsung XOA, the MFP has evolved into a bridge between your applications and the way you use them, opening a whole new dimension of productivity in the workplace.
With enabled MFP’s you could, for example, scan an invoice, add your own notes and transfer it to your accounts system for processing, all in a single operation and without going anywhere near your PC.  It lets remote applications create, configure and execute scanning and printing jobs on the MFP.  Sharp OSA and Samsung XOA can even reduce your costs by letting you control the access rights of workgroups and individual users.