Data Security

  • Encrypts data while it is processed on MFP
  • Securely overwrites data once a job is completed
  • Industry’s first Common Criteria validated solution

Organisations spend significant capital to protect digital assets from threats, yet frequently overlook one of the most integral devices in use today – the office MFP.  The more advanced and integrated MFPs become, the greater the risk to confidential information during the document’s life cycle when it is being copied, printed, scanned or faxed. Fortunately, Sharp has a range of advanced security solutions. Individually, they protect your data from a wide range of threats. Together, they provide virtually impenetrable end-to-end protection throughout the entire document lifecycle.


Digital copiers/printers or MFPs can retain hundreds of pages of confidential information from previous jobs on their hard disks or internal memory.  To safeguard this information from unauthorised access, the optional Data Security Kit applies a powerful data encryption algorithm to the data as it is written to the internal hard drive, RAM and ROM. That means that even if someone did manage to access to your printer or copier, any retrieved data would be unintelligible and therefore useless. The Data Security Kit’s secure overwrite feature can overwrite left over data files up to seven times with a series of random values.  Coupled with our unique encryption protection, the Data Overwrite feature completely prevents the recovery of residual data by any commercially available means.

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