Job Accounting Plus Software

Job Accounting Plus

  • Central Administration
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Secure Print Release
  • User authentication using various methods
  • Username/Password, Card swipe, Employee ID and/or PIN
  • Ability to select shared accounts
  • Tracking & recording of all usage on the central PaperCut MF server
  • Group based access control

Our ‘Kayleigh’ Job Accounting Plus Software (MX-SW302) gives you all the benefits of the standard version (MX-SW301) with the added convenience of ‘pull printing’.

To take control of your MFP costs, start by giving every user a personal account. Then set individual permissions for various features (e.g. colour copying) and add credits to each account. It’s as simple as that.

Anyone can log on to the MFP but it will only respond if they have authorisation and sufficient credits for the job. Of course, credits can be topped up manually or automatically. But now people will think about what they’re spending (or wasting). What’s more, you can track and record all jobs performed by viewing detailed reports on-screen or exporting them to a spreadsheet.

Pull printing lets you say goodbye to print queue congestion forever. It works by storing documents on a network server until you need them. When you’re ready, walk over to the MFP and log on to get your documents. It’s more secure because sensitive documents aren’t left out in the open. And it’s more convenient because you can collect your documents from any MFP on the network.

Users can also streamline routine office tasks by running any Single Sign On-compatible Sharp OSA (Open Systems Architecture) applications that are installed, without needing to log on again or return to their desks.