Why Lease

Why Lease? The Financial Benefits

A single solution

In conjunction with our mainline finance Partners, Leemic offer a vast selection of multi-functional printers for hire, meaning we can always offer the right finance solution for your needs. From a simple one-off purchase, to a complex multi-printer system project that requires all elements of the package to be financed, we can meet your requirements.

Freedom for your capital

Leasing offers 100% financing, allowing you to put your valuable working capital to better use – like increasing your profits – instead of tying it up in a depreciating asset. Better still, by leasing multi-functional printers from us, there is no deposit to pay and no daunting initial down payment

Excellent tax benefits

Because finance lease rentals are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits, the total cost of your purchase, capital and interest can be offset during the lease period, with your payments deducted as a trading expense.

In reality, it means that the real cost of your lease is in fact dramatically lower than the payments you make. In comparison, outright purchase ties up valuable capital, thereby crippling a company’s development potential, while only offering reduced tax-deductible allowances.

Low monthly repayments

Leasing a printer system not only allows companies immediate access to the latest imaging equipment, it also means that your monthly payment is fixed throughout the term – whatever happens to interest rates or inflation.

Unlike many high street bank facilities or overdrafts that are subject to the change in market conditions, a lease facility with its protected payment allows for simple and effective future budgeting.

Talk to our Experts

Our offices are located in Stockport, Greater Manchester, and Grangemouth, Falkirk where we have industry experts available by either email or phone. You can find these details on our contact page. If you have any question regarding leasing Sharp photocopier systems for your office or business, we’ll talk you through our finance leasing options and put together a package most suitable for your requirements.

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