3D Printers


Whether it is within the education, healthcare or leisure sector, Leemic are UK supplier of 3D print, bringing together this revolutionary technology with committed sales support, opening up 3D print opportunities within the classroom, home or workplace.


For budding engineers, artists, sculptors and designers, 3D print technology offers students and teachers across the educational spectrum the opportunity to see their ideas and creations literally form in front of their eyes.  Potential 3D print costs now mean that it is possible for every school in the country to have some form of 3D print equipment, fully reinforced by the government’s recommendations in the National Curriculum for technology in schools.

Buy 3D Printers

Leemic are proud to present the ground-breaking series of 3D Printers and our team of dedicated experts will provide advice on the best set-up for your business.

Our offices are based in Stockport, Manchester, and Falkirk, you can find our telephone and email details on our contact page.

Leemic also supply 3D print consumables, making Leemic your single source solution for 3D printing requirements.