Leemic are delighted to be an accredited partner of Samsung offering equipment from the award winning Samsung Print

STEP_SlvrOA_Hztl_PMSWhy Samsung Print?

As a truly global organisation with an extensive range of award-winning products and a firm commitment to eco-friendly practice, it should come as no surprise that Samsung are ranked second in the world for A4 mono and colour laser printing. The highly competitive product range meets all business needs across mono, colour, single-function and multi-function laser devices. Especially, access to the A3 copier market was limited as only few manufacturers were able to develop, produce and sell to global customers. Today, Samsung has joined this group with its own original technology in the A3 copier sector, proving its technological leadership.

They are at a clear advantage in product development and quality performance thanks to their impressive record of investing in R&D, prioritising the development of user-friendly technology across the product range. This gives Samsung the edge in terms of innovation, as their superior product design and performance — alongside the highest quality Services, Solutions and Supplies — ensure that customers are always offered the complete package.

At Samsung, the aim is to give you the confidence to go about your business successfully. While printing remains a key investment for any organisation, taking a holistic approach when it comes to making sure that you feel fully supported by our products and services.