Leemic join the Leaders Club

Sharp Business Solutions

We are delighted to announce that Leemic has been presented with the Leaders Club Award by Sharp Business Solutions. This prestigious award is only extended to 15 resellers throughout the  United Kingdom and Ireland, with Leemic ranking inside the top 10!

This is a huge accolade for Leemic and we are very proud that our commitment to our customers has been regognised by our longest standing technology partner, Sharp Business Solutions.

It is clear that other competitors have larger teams and greater economies of scale however Leemic, although smaller, are a nimble and effective team and this achievement effectively demonstrates our in house ability and success. The award has also coincided with the opening of a third office, in central London, a descision that was motivated purely by the needs of our regional clients, again showing our internal commitment and focus on delivering outstanding customer service.

We are tremendously proud of the loyal and professional team we have and the board of directors would like to dedicate the Leaders Club Award to them and their dedicated service and commitment that they demonstrate to our business but most importantly to our clients. Thank you to everyone!