What could the new Government Legislation mean for your business?

new Government Legislation

What could the new Government Legislation mean for your business?

New data security rules mean businesses are under fresh pressure to ensure they deal with data properly. But could your business be missing something obvious? In a world of smart technology, where information is shared at the click of a button, everything we do leaves a digital footprint.

But while technology has made doing business easier, faster and with less paper to shuffle, it has also created fresh problems for bosses to cope with. From disposing of confidential documents to storing clients’ private details, businesses have had to rethink just how they approach their firm’s security – and it’s about to become even more of an issue.

The EU’S General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to come into force on 25 May 2018, heralding a new era of security by harmonising data security laws across Europe. According to some recent reports, many businesses are already falling behind, leaving themselves open to cyber attack or data security breaches even before the legislation kicks off.

For while most firms realise the importance of building solid internet defences and disposing of confidential paperwork in a secure manner, it’s feared many more are unaware that often vital elements of their office equipment may well be leaving them wide open to security breaches.

Photocopiers and printers can easily be overlooked as a source of data storage, and yet ensuring they are secure and meet new GDPR rules can be a straightforward process

Each photocopier has an internal hard drive, which has an image of everything that has ever passed through the machine in its entire life. It means that a solicitor or a doctor’s surgery – or any business that deals with confidential documents – will have to aware of the consequences if that hard drive were to get into the wrong hands.

This concealed hard drive is often overlooked by many businesses when disposing of old multi-function printing devices like photocopiers, scanners and printers, mainly because very few are aware that it exists. But they can be unscrambled in moments by software that’s freely available online.

Failing to act could have severe consequences for a firm and its clients. The way around it is to make sure that office equipment comes with an overwriting feature that can clean the hard drive instantly, ensuring any confidential material is wiped. It’s a standard feature on the equipment supplied UK wide by Leemic, and is applied to all leased devices at the end of their contract, to ensure nothing is left behind.

Keeping on top of security in office devices is vital, as is ensuring that networks are secure and not open to possible cyber attack – another area that Leemic’s experts have been working on with businesses across the UK.

GDPR will have a massive effect on business and how they use their data. A lot of the time people look at their IT and computer equipment and think they’re secure, but there are a number of other elements to consider, whether it’s shredding documents and disposing of them properly to keeping the photocopier hard drive secure.