Office Tech Trends for 2018

Office Tech Trends 2018

If your head is spinning from the rapid advance in technology last year, then buckle your seatbelt. The coming months look set to bring even more tools for businesses to use to increase their connectivity and integration.


Remote and flexible working

One trend for last year that looks set to gain even more ground in 2018 is the availability of devices and software to support flexible working.

The Cloud in particular has made it possible to collect, share, analyse and collaborate on data at any location, on multiple devices. It means wherever you are in the world, you can connect to your business operations in a meaningful way. Apart from the increased control this brings, it could also reduce the size of office space needed.


Big Data for big ambitions

The availability of vast data sets to shape business strategy is old news. However, 2018 will be the year in which the hardware, software and skills needed to properly utilise Big Data will really take shape.

Currently, it’s largely the global tech and pharmaceutical companies plugging their growth into Big Data. The tools and analytical skills for all companies to make better use of data are assuredly gaining ground.


Automation and Lean principles

In the past year, automation has officially moved away from production lines and warehouses, and into offices the length and breadth of the UK.

Cloud-based systems and new software equip organisations with multiple ways to streamline data flow, and automate processes; from financial compliance and inventory control, to fulfilment solutions.

Transformation of office systems will certainly continue into 2018, not least as it enables greater efficiency and financial control.


Augmented Reality

Perhaps further off, but worth watching, is Augmented Reality technology.

Apple has provided the most compelling evidence so far that AR is about to go from a gaming promise to a business tool. The tech giant is including an AR “chip” in some of its new phones. This will make it even easier to scan physical materials and locations, to access virtual information and imagery.

To begin with, AR will largely be the new toy for your marketing team. However, as social media platforms take up the mantle, it will surely join the pantheon of communication methods that are now available on digital platforms.