Sharp PN-40TC1

BIG PAD for Huddle Office Meeting Spaces and Interactive Retail Signage

Powerful, flexible and cost-effective

Display: 40" (100,33cm) size with 1920 x 1080 pixels

Fast and Responsive PCAP Capacitive 10 point Touch - up to 4 users

Mini OPS Slot for flexible enhancement

SHARP Pen Software for intuitive writing, drawing and annotation

SHARP Touch Viewing Software for organising collaboration data

SHARP Display Connect for latest BYOD wireless collaboration

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Sharp PN-40TC1

The Sharp PN-40TC1 is the first of the industry-leading BIG PAD interactive display models to serve the exciting new Huddle meeting space requirements for 2-6 people. Having a responsive PCAP touch, easy-to-use approach, and fast setup time is central to the Sharp PN-40TC1 Huddle concept. The Mini OPS option slot allows for a clean and tidy integration of an optional wireless module, which allows prompt and easy BYOD collaboration with mobile devices. For the rapidly evolving office environment, with increasing numbers of informal meetings, as well as new possibilities in interactive retail signage, the Sharp PN-40TC1 defines a new standard in versatile medium-sized interactive displays.

Sharp’s surprisingly different 40” BIG PAD is equipped with a particularly fast, responsive and intuitive PCAP Capacitive 10-point multi-touch, which offers optimised performance for huddle meeting rooms, as well as interactive retail touch applications. Sharp’s suite of application software, including PEN software for enhanced team communication and the capturing of all creative expression, means that industry-leading decisive and productive collaboration is achieved.

With the importance of video conferencing and video-collaboration, users can easily mount a web camera to the conveniently positioned attachment holes on top. Similarly, quick setup and versatile placement is assisted with the bundled desktop stand (landscape orientation).

The bundled SHARP Touch Viewing Software offers an easy-to-use interface and file system to collect and organise data from different collaborative projects. Perfect for huddle meetings handling multiple data files.

The BIG PAD PN-40TC1 is Sharp's fresh approach to boosting dynamic business meetings.

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