The silent beastie in the corner

The silent beastie in the corner

  • Would you be comfortable disposing of highly confidential financial information by simply dropping it in the wastepaper bin by the side of you desk?
  • Would you house all of your accounting information and customer documents in a file that wasn’t password protected?
  • Would you leave your office unlocked and without an alarm set over night?

If the answer to all of these questions is no then perhaps read on to find out about the secret threat that will be lurking in your office.

Office and internet security is becoming the top priority of any business in this digital age and it is becoming increasingly important to shred and dispose of critical company information in an effective and secure way. However, have you considered the threat that your innocent looking photocopier could pose to your company’s security.

Well perhaps you should.

Each MFP (Multi-functioning Printing Devices) contains an individual hard drive and this hard drive contains thousands upon thousands of digital images that have been processed through the device, either by scanning, photocopying or printing.

This concealed hard drive is often overlooked by many businesses when disposing of their old MFP devices, mainly because very few are aware that it exists. By accessing freely available software, via the internet, these hard drives can be unscrambled in a matter of moments and every single document that has been processed via the MFP can be readily viewed, in image format, via a computer.

At Leemic, an independent photocopying distributor, we guarantee that all the devices we supply come with an overwriting x 10 feature as standard. This is equivalent to shredding each individual document or image 10 times. We also offer the 10.1 button as standard. This feature is applied to all of our leased devices at the end of the contract and effectively wipes all data, from the hard drive, completely. For new customers, we also offer a data cleanse of the hard drive of the old machine, even if this isn’t a Leemic supplied device.

So talk to Leemic if you are worried about the security risk your photocopier poses before your photocopier ends up in the wrong hands and we will do our best to assist. Use the get in touch by using the panel on the right hand side of the page.