Slow tech and its impact on your health

Slow Office Technology

Out-of-date or buggy office technology can be frustrating. Whether it’s a PC laden with malware, a prehistoric printer or a device which is incompatible with the rest of your network, time-consuming tech can have a real impact on productivity – but did you know it could also take a toll on your health?

Wasting time

On average, we waste approximately 4 days every year dealing with slow technology. That works out at about 15 minutes every day. While it may not seem a lot at first glance, our time is precious, and that quarter of an hour spent staring at a screen in frustration could be better spent exercising, preparing a healthy meal or simply having some personal time to unwind.

Severe stress

Waiting for a computer to respond can be stressful to the point of being exhausting. If 15 minutes of your day is regularly spent getting stressed at technology, your body is not going to like it, and its responses can include headaches, stomach problems, restlessness, irritability, anxiety and lack of motivation. These symptoms can all contribute to long-term health problems – a heavy price to pay for out-of-date technology.

Making positive changes

Ultimately, slow computers, printers and other devices waste valuable time and put a drain on productivity and morale – and the importance of functional, usable tech is not to be understated.

Re-evaluating your technology is the first step to reducing stress and improving your health. Try to identify equipment which is causing you the most upset and wasting the most of your time. After you’ve made your list, it’s time to consolidate and upgrade. Newer technology is almost always designed with ease of use, compatibility and speed in mind.

Innovations in printer technology mean that many devices come with simple touch-screen interfaces. This improves the user experience and helps to save time when it comes to scanning, printing and copying. New computers are designed to integrate much easier into networks too – no more scouring the web for up-to-date printer drivers, or facing difficulty connecting to WiFi.

For a happy and productive workplace, it makes complete sense. Become the master of your technology – letting it work for you, as opposed to the other way around – and see your stress levels drop.

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